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[Devel] Announcing Server Switch

From: David Turner
Subject: [Devel] Announcing Server Switch
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001 11:42:54 +0200


  I'm going to switch the main FreeType server machine in the
  following days. As a consequence:

    - the CVS server is currently blocked. I'll restart it
      in a few hours but you won't be able to commit anything
      until the switch is over (probably on Monday)

    - e-mail aliases and mailing lists will keep working until
      tomorrow or Monday, and will likely re-appear a few days

    - web and ftp should keep working continuously, but their
      content won't be updated until the switch..

  Sorry for not announcing this earlier, but this is also slightly
  unexpected for me..

  I'll post more information (before e-mail is blocked)


- David

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