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[Devel] problem with memory based stream, windows

From: David Hedbor
Subject: [Devel] problem with memory based stream, windows
Date: 06 Sep 2001 13:49:06 -0700
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ParaGUI (a GUI library for SDL) just started using memory based font
loading instead of disk based (to allow for loading from zips etc w/o
having to use a temporary file). This seems to have broken the
loading. After building FreeType with debug, I traced it down to the
cmap loading. Basically the offsets are completely wrong. After
reading the headers, it fails with stream error because it tries to
read data way beyond the end of the file. To make it more interesting,
this problem does not manifest itself in Linux, but only in Windows
(using MSVC).

I have no idea what I can do to help figure out what the problem might
be. Is there a simple test program that uses memory based loading that
I can try? Should I rewrite the code to use a temporary file to see if
the problem persists?

I have tried both a release version (not sure which, because I it was
a binary dist) and the latest snapshot from today.

-- David

P.S. To be able to build using MSVC I first have to convert newlines
in the workspace  files from \n to \r\n. You might want to fix this
for the next dist.

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