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[Devel] CMap support for CID driver (Do not commit it!)

From: mer
Subject: [Devel] CMap support for CID driver (Do not commit it!)
Date: Sun, 02 Sep 2001 22:41:57 +0900 (JST)


Here is a experimental code to support CMap files for CID driver.

* Attach_File( face, CMap_File ) attach CMap to (CID_)Face
* ft2demos/bin/ftview has new option 'C': specify a CMap file
  ftview -C CMap/Euc-h 20 CIDFont/Hkgow5a.cid

* We cannot use CMap files with /usecmap operator. (e.g. Euc-v)

* Fix API.
* Improve charmap selection routine. (platform, encoding is not enough)
* Provide FT_New_Face( CMap_File,... ) (For using ToUnicode CMap)
* Reduce size of cmap segments.
* Support CMap files with /usecmap.
* Imprement the code to read rearrange font templates.
* composite glyphs support (emulate GSUB???)
* Clean up, bug fix, testing....

more and more.....

Any comments are welcomed.

--- YAMANO-UCHI, Hidetoshi

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