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Re : [Enigma-devel] Mas Microban Lua code with visual maps

From: Busser Alain
Subject: Re : [Enigma-devel] Mas Microban Lua code with visual maps
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2010 08:33:40 +0400

Hi Simon,

Enigma is under GPL 2.0 license which means that all the lua code is free. 
Under Windows the xml files you are looking for are all placed in a folder 
called "levels" itself in the "data" folder (itself in "enigma" somewhere in 
"program files"). Under Linux I have "/usr/share/games/enigma/levels" as a 
path. I guess it is very similar under Mac because it is said to be an Unix OS. 
I you don't understand what I mean just use the finder to get an "enigma" 
folder and you will have them.

If you want to know how the Enigma levels are made just hit "wiki" at the left 
of the Enigma webpage and you will have beautifully colored levels. You will 
see that there is not so much lua in them, but if you are used to Sokoban 
levels seen as texts you should find the API 2 rather easy, for example the 
walls are almost always represented by "#" characters.

Think also that Enigma comes with a library which automatically translates from 
sokoban to lua...

Happy coding


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