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[Enigma-devel] Enigma 1.00 - request for level updates

From: Ronald Lamprecht
Subject: [Enigma-devel] Enigma 1.00 - request for level updates
Date: Wed, 04 Oct 2006 23:00:35 +0200
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Dear level authors,

After a long period of development with significant changes we are now preparing Enigma 1.00 for release before end of this year.

Now we need you help in validation of your levels and especially in internationalization (I18N) of your levels. We need your updates before we can ask the translators to translate the strings occuring in your levels.

We did prepare a quite stable pre-alpha release. You can download either a Windows compilation or the source distribution from our developer ftp server at


For reasons of security please make a backup of your scorefile ".enigmarc2" and all own levelpacks first.

Please have a look at the reference manual as it provides a lot of information concerning the new features.

As the user manual is not yet updated a few hints:

- due to the number of levelpacks they are grouped:
  Enigma      - 6 packs + tutorial of rearranged pure Enigma levels
  Déjà-vu     - levelpacks you with levels you may have seen before
  Sokoban     - ...
  Facets      - alternativ views of the levels above - factes of our
                jewel Enigma: levelpacks sorted like Enimga 0.92, ...
  User        - your levelpacks
  Development - levelpacks of the Enigma development team, templates
  All Packs   - all levelpacks together

- right/control clicking on the group and levelpack buttons allows you
  to rename, resort and reassign the groups and levelpacks

- levelmenu: the bottom iconized buttons are from left to right:
  - advance mode: always next, next unsolved, world record hunting
  - jump to next level according to advance mode
  - easy, difficult mode

- levelmenu right/control clicking on a level shows up the levelinpector
- the levelinspector gives you info about level metadata like title,
  subtitle, author,... a public rating, all scoring info, version info,
  the file path, ... a private annotation field and possibility to view
  screenshots you have made.

Please switch once to the language German, even if you do not speak it. Start the first level of the tutorial to get an impression who internationalization of levels works. Another example that supports additionally Russian and Hungarian is level "Firefox" - Enigma 5 #91.

Many of the new features have only been possible by addition of level metadata in XML format. Please read the chapter in the reference manual.

Another major change concerning levels is the switch from Lua 4.0 to 5.1.1.

We did convert all your levels to Lua 5.1.1 and XML. We did even prepare the I18N within your levels.

What we like to ask you is to review the levels. Add or remove personal metadata, correct license and copyright message, add your personal scores as author scores and especially check the I18N of the strings in your levels. Decide wether the title should be translated, add a subtitlte if you like, add comments for the translator concerning special document strings.

If you have questions concerning the new release please ask on the developer mailing list - other may have the same questions.

Please report errors and problems, too. Note that the buttons "New Level", "Edit Level" and "Delete Level" are not yet implemented and will ignore any mouseclicks.

Please send the updated level files to Raoul at address@hidden to avoid unnecessary traffic on the devel maillist.

Please send your feedback as soon as possible. Sending feedback to your levels in several parts is no problem. But we need as many translations strings as possible when we contact the translators in about two weeks for a first L10N update.

Thanks for you help

- Ronald

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