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[Enigma-devel] Messing with 640x512 mode

From: Paul Jaros
Subject: [Enigma-devel] Messing with 640x512 mode
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 14:32:03 +0100
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Hi Everyone

I'm a big fan of Meinolf Schneiders Games and so was very pleased to find a free project cloning it. My gilfriend who doesn't do any computer-games is now in her first computer-game addiction. -> Enigma is cool stuff :)

So much for the good parts.
I did the stupid thing to play around with the Options in Enigma. I've switched to 640x512 mode ony my gf's computer (Windows XP). I tried to restart enigma so the new option would take effect. But Enigma wouldn't start again. No matter what, Engima would refuse to let me in again without even an error message. So I tried to find a the config file to manualy change video mode back. But i could only find some kind of error-file which explained that the video-mode couldn't be openend (don't have the message at hand because it's on my gf's computer). I searched the windows registry for an enigma entries without any results. I tried to search the enigma folder for any config files without a result. Then I tried to search the documentation without success. Then I deinstalled enigma and re-installed it, nothing. *FINALLY* I thought of looking at the user home-folder and found the enigma config-file. The whole Odysee cost me about 3 hours while my gf was waiting so I would fix the mess...

So here I beg you to include for next newbie who will desperatly try to find out why his beloved enigma stopped working: - Let the user know if something goes wrong on start-up. Like with a Pop-Up dialog explaining what Enigma was trying to do and why it failed.
- Include a FAQ for technical problems and add this one.
- Explain in a document where which file goes and what it does.
- Try to go down to 640x480 when 640x512 fails.

Please make it happen. I consider myself to be pretty good at computers. In fact I programm for a living. I almost resigned while looking for this problem.


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