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Re: [emms-help] info-year and info-date

From: Pierre Neidhardt
Subject: Re: [emms-help] info-year and info-date
Date: Sun, 05 Nov 2017 14:53:00 +0100
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Another example: album sorting also uses 'info-year only.

My quick&dirty patch:

(defun emms-browser-year-number (track)
  "Return a string representation of a track's year.
This will be in the form '(1998) '."
  (let ((year (or (emms-track-get track 'info-year) (emms-track-get track 
    (if (or (not (stringp year)) (string= year "0"))
       "(" year ") "))))

Pierre Neidhardt

Life's too short to dance with ugly women.

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