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[O] Easy templates broken with 9.2

From: Lawrence Bottorff
Subject: [O] Easy templates broken with 9.2
Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2019 23:17:53 -0600

It seems my easy templates completion is being ignored. I'm  9.2 (9.2-41-g010a35-elpa ...). I've found a reference or two online but the fix,  i.e., running (require 'org-tempo) only produced error messages. The "documentation" doesn't really say exactly what the new format is. Here's a sample of what my old org-structure-template-alist had:

("o" "#+name:\n#+begin_src ocaml :exports both :tangle yes :cache yes :results silent\n?\n#+end_src")
("G" "#+name:\n#+begin_src gnuplot :exports both :file \n?\n#+end_src")
("r" "\\rightarrow")

What do I need to change about my old easy templates to work with 9.2? I understand "<letter(s) TAB" no longer works, rather, C-c C-, should bring up a menu.


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