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[O] [PATCH] ob-clojure should not tangle with inserting (ns ..) line whe

From: stardiviner
Subject: [O] [PATCH] ob-clojure should not tangle with inserting (ns ..) line when no :ns specified.
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2019 08:39:12 +0800
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After few days later, I re-run "make test", it's fine now.

6 unexpected results:
   FAILED  ob-D/inhomogeneous_table
   FAILED  ob-D/list-list-var
   FAILED  ob-D/list-var
   FAILED  ob-D/vector-var
   FAILED  test-org-clock/clocktable/lang
   FAILED  test-org-colview/columns-width

Because few days passed, make sure the patch is the latest version. I
attached my patch again.

Attachment: 0001-lisp-ob-clojure.el-Don-t-tangle-with-auto-prepend-ns.patch
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