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Re: [O] open link in source code block

From: Win Treese
Subject: Re: [O] open link in source code block
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2019 21:05:29 -0500

> On Jan 17, 2019, at 1:38 PM, Berry, Charles <address@hidden> wrote:
> TL;DR: "org-open-at-point calls org-babel-open-src-block-result first thing" 
> is not true.
> The `unless' COND argument starting around line 5 of the code of 
> `org-open-at-point' runs the hooks in `org-open-at-point-functions'. 
> If any hook returns a non-nil then `run-hook-with-args-until-success' returns 
> the value and the BODY forms will not be run.
> For example, this: 
>       ((eq type 'src-block) (org-babel-open-src-block-result))
> is part of a BODY form and can only run if all those hooks return nil (or if 
> there is no hook).
> The code I provided works as advertised.
> HTH,
> Chuck
> p.s. I am using Org mode version 9.2 (release_9.2-193-ge7901c...


Thanks for the help. I seem to have had a problem that crept into the code 
sometime in the past month or so, was true at least as of version 9.1.14, but 
now works as you described in version 9.2, which I have now installed. I had 
thought I was working with the current released version, but I was apparently 
wrong about that.

I appreciate the help, and sorry for the trouble.



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