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Re: [O] ob-clojure should not tangle with inserting (ns ..) line when no

From: stardiviner
Subject: Re: [O] ob-clojure should not tangle with inserting (ns ..) line when no :ns specified.
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2019 13:52:56 +0800
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I updated the patch by adding a test.

With command "make test" I got:

Tangled 0 code blocks from babel.org
   passed  132/828  ob-tangle/no-excessive-id-insertion-on-tangle
   passed  133/828  ob-test/org-babel-combine-header-arg-lists
   failed  134/828  org-missing-dependency/test-ob-R
   failed  135/828  org-missing-dependency/test-ob-clojure
   failed  136/828  org-missing-dependency/test-ob-eshell
   failed  137/828  org-missing-dependency/test-ob-lua
   failed  138/828  org-missing-dependency/test-ob-maxima
   failed  139/828  org-missing-dependency/test-ob-plantuml
   failed  140/828  org-missing-dependency/test-ob-ruby
   failed  141/828  org-missing-dependency/test-ob-scheme
   failed  142/828  org-missing-dependency/test-ob-vala
   failed  143/828  org-missing-dependency/test-org-attach-annex
   failed  144/828  org-missing-dependency/test-org-protocol
   passed  145/828  test-ob-exp/org-babel-exp-src-blocks/w-no-file
   passed  146/828  test-ob-exp/org-babel-exp-src-blocks/w-no-headers
   passed  147/828  test-ob-exp/org-babel-exp-src-blocks/w-no-headers2
executing Emacs-Lisp code block...

With command:

$ make BTEST_RE="ob-clojure/tangle-without-ns" test-dirty

I got:

selected tests: ob-clojure/tangle-without-ns
Running 0 tests (2019-01-14 13:27:58+0800)

Ran 0 tests, 0 results as expected (2019-01-14 13:27:58+0800)

make cleantest

I don't know why it report missing requirement, so the test failed.

Nicolas, do you have any idea why this? You can check out the test code.

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