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Re: [O] please read: bug when marking tasks done

From: Nicolas Goaziou
Subject: Re: [O] please read: bug when marking tasks done
Date: Wed, 09 Jan 2019 23:50:30 +0100
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cesar mena <address@hidden> writes:

> from the docstring:
>   |----------- org-auto-repeat-maybe --------------------------------
>   |  Check if the *current headline* contains a repeated time-stamp.
>   |
>   |  If yes, set TODO state back to what it was and change the base date
>   |  of repeating *deadline/scheduled time stamps to new date*
>   |
>   |  ...
>   |-----------------------------------------------------------------
> thus we should not programmatically modify an arbitrary date in a
> document just because it has a repeater. specially not one buried 300
> lines deep in a :LOGBOOK: drawer.
> commit af81211fdc contradicts the established documentation.

No, it doesn't. "current headline" is to be taken broadly, i.e., in the
headline or the adjacent section. So, it doesn't matter if a time stamp
is buried somewhere in the section: it is meant to be updated. Note that
it was already the case for active time stamps before said commit.

> but the solution overreaches.

I agree the current state is not ideal, but as I said, the only
suggestion I had was not satisfying. I'm all ears, though.

> apologies if i wasn't clear. what should be immutable is a logged,
> state-change entry.

For Org syntax, there is no such thing as a state-change entry. They are
just plain lists. You could write anything in them.

Now, we might make its contents by marking them as verbatim, for
example. E.g.,

  - Rescheduled from =[2019-02-05 Tue .1m]= on [2018-09-29 Sat 18:50]

> an existing entry should not change because one marks a task as DONE.

I disagree. This has always been the case, at least for active


Nicolas Goaziou

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