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[O] How about Org Mode invalid link handling strategy for exporting?

From: stardiviner
Subject: [O] How about Org Mode invalid link handling strategy for exporting?
Date: Wed, 02 Jan 2019 08:12:29 +0800
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When I use package "ox-epub" to export current Org buffer to EPUB file,
it is based on "ox-html", I got some issues. One issue is about the
external file resource link which can't add into EPUB, or internal link
but invalid (I use narrow to subtree to debug Org buffer when using
ox-epub, so some internal links to other headlines will be invalid).

I hope Org Mode can enhance this invalid link handling strategy to not
interrupt user exporting process. Just display warning to user. Or add
an option to controlled by user?

Because I'm exporting a big Clojure language reference to EPUB, so
really hard to handling those invalid links.

About the handling strategy, I have some ideas:

- raise warning about invalid links no matter internal links or external

- don't interrupt process when meet invalid links.

- keep link description part as link part. Replace the original link
  part with an empty link.

Do you any ideas?

[ stardiviner ]
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