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[O] Requesting some help with scheduled repeated tasks

From: Sagar Shankar
Subject: [O] Requesting some help with scheduled repeated tasks
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2015 18:43:15 +0530

Hi all, been using Org-Mode for just over a month now and have stumbled into something that I cannot still figure out how to implement.

I want to set aside a fixed amount of time each day (say 2 hours) at a specific time(18-00-20:00 say) to work on a specific task. I want this task to repeat for 7 days and for state changes (from TODO to DONE) to be tracked for those 7 days. The latter while ideal, is also optional, as in a base case, I'd be happy to just get the task automatically marked TODO 7 times in my Agenda till the 7 days are over.

Right now, I've tried using the following syntax:

** TODO Work on XYZ
   SCHEDULED: <2015-01-21 Wed 20:30-21:30>-- <2015-01-28 Wed 20:30-21:30>

When I mark this as complete for today, all the other occurrences are also marked as DONE, which I do not want. Another confusing factor is that instead of counting 7 occurrences of this task, Org counts it as 8 (which is another thing I'd love to get explained)

I know tracking repeated tasks is best suited for Org-Habits but I cannot find anywhere in the documentation for that module, a parameter that allows me to track habits for only 7 times or 8 times say, and for that habit to be inserted into the agenda at a specific time only. 

Would really appreciate some advice!

Thanks for your time,

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