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[O] Tools for working with Zotero and OrgMode

From: Jonathan BISSON
Subject: [O] Tools for working with Zotero and OrgMode
Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2011 15:56:42 +0200
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1) Zotero-BibLaTeXToClipBoard-Firefox-module
I just started a new module for firefox, allowing one user to copy in
the clipboard bibtex elements for the current selection inside Zotero.
You just have to paste it to your bibtex file.

You would need this also as this module is based on this translator:


2) Zotero biblatex citation export

This should be inserted shortly in the zotero-biblatex-export repo. But
you can find it there for the moment :


You just have to copy this one and the previous one (from the google
repo) inside your Zotero translators directory.

Using this and configuring Zotero to use it, I'm able to drag and drop
from Zotero to my Org document (or LaTeX) directly (it inserts

Hope it can help some of you.


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