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[O] Bug in inlinetask export or latex export?

From: Colin Fraizer
Subject: [O] Bug in inlinetask export or latex export?
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2011 08:28:32 -0400

I have a document that looks like the following.


If I export the whole file, I get the whole file. (I’m exporting to LaTeX using C-c C-e d.)


If I move to the line “** Level 2 A” and export that subtree using C-c C-e 1 d, the inline tasks are omitted.


Is this a bug or have I just misconfigured this somehow?


It seems to be caused by the fact that those inline tasks are treated as “lines before the first headline” and that org-export-latex-first-lines calls org-export-preprocess-string with a more-or-less hardcoded opt-plist that doesn’t include :tasks.


Is there a reason not to modify this section of org-export-latex-first-lines:



           (buffer-substring pt end)

           :for-backend 'latex

           :emph-multiline t

           :add-text nil

           :comments nil

           :skip-before-1st-heading nil

           :LaTeX-fragments nil

           :tasks (plist-get opt-plist :tasks)                    ;; <-- this is the line I want to add

           :timestamps (plist-get opt-plist :timestamps)

           :footnotes (plist-get opt-plist :footnotes)))



* Level 1 A

** Level 2 A


*************** TODO Test 1

*************** END

*************** TODO Test 2

*************** END

*************** TODO Test 3

*************** END


and more


** Level 2 B


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