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[O] Forcing image to inline

From: Andy Jewell
Subject: [O] Forcing image to inline
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2011 11:04:28 -0700

Hi. . . I'm new to org-mode and I'm totally blown away that I've never ran across it before!  Wow, so much to learn!

I have several questions for the group and am trying to do due diligence on each of them because there is much material where the answer might lie.  So this is my first question: is there a way to force org-mode to recognize a link as an image if it is a URL with no identification of it as an image? 

I have an image saved on Google but obviously the link doesn't look like an image.  Here's the markup:

* See the image below:
* See the image above

I know attributes can be added but not sure what attribute would make it realize it was an image.. ?

Any help?


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