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Re: merging etc

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: merging etc
Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2007 10:56:33 -0400

    - In the changelog there will be a placeholder:
    Merge performed from mtty branch: TODO insert crunched mtty changelog

If I did this, it would make more work for me, begging people over the
next weeks or months to actually do that.  I can't afford it.

    I would like to do it this way so several people can work together on
    the crunching, and so the merging wont be delayed so people can start
    find actual functional problems.

I already suggested how to do that.  In the multi-tty branch, copy its
own change unique log entries to a separate file (for each directory).
(I believe this has been done.)  Then various people can start
simplifying those files.

Alternatively, those files could be put into the trunk
under the name mtty-ChangeLog in each directory.  Then we can
work on simplifying them even without checking out multi-tty.

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