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RE: merge emacs-pretest-bug and emacs-devel

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: merge emacs-pretest-bug and emacs-devel
Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2007 14:15:33 -0700

>  > I would prefer to separate most bug discussions from the rest
>  > of emacs-devel discussion. If there were a merge to be made,
>  > I would prefer that it be emacs-pretest with bug-gnu-emacs -
>  > but perhaps that could lead to confusion.
> Bug reports for a released version of Emacs, e.g., 22.1, should
> already take place on bug-gnu-emacs. It's ony bug reports for
> Emacs in CVS that should go to emacs-pretest-bug,

I realize that.

> and these often turn into discussions about Emacs development.

Not so often, IMO. And when they do, the thread can be moved to emacs-devel.

The same is true for discussions in bug-gnu-emacs and help-gnu-emacs:
Whenever a discussion turns into a discussion about development, emacs-devel
can be appropriate. It is not necessarily the case that a report to
emacs-pretest leads to a discussion about development.

However, as I said, based on the previous thread on this topic, I think most
people do not share my preference for separate lists for pre-release bugs
and development.

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