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Re: [Dvdrtools-users] what happened to dev=ATAPI: ?

From: Sean
Subject: Re: [Dvdrtools-users] what happened to dev=ATAPI: ?
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2005 08:29:24 -0500
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Larry Siden wrote:
I recently recplaced cdrtools with dvdrtools in order to write DVD
images.  However, I can't seem to specify the drive anymore.  With
cdrtools, I used to be able to type "cdrecord -dao dev=ATAPI:0,0,0
...", but not anymore.  When I try "dvdrecord -dao dev=ATAPI:0,0,0
..." it says

I've been specifying the device for quite a while using dev=/dev/hdc where hdc is my burner. This might work for you too.

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