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[Duplicity-talk] List all the files in the backup

From: Niklaas Baudet von Gersdorff
Subject: [Duplicity-talk] List all the files in the backup
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 2016 13:57:07 +0100
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I know this is not the actual intention of the program but I would like
to use duplicity to store data on the remote destination only. That is,
I would like to upload the data, delete my local copy of the data,
forget about it, at some point download the data when needed.

The thing is that there are some programs around that allow you to
encrypt data you store on remote destinations but none of them are
satisfying e.g., ecryptfs, encfs, and s3ql. ecryptfs doesn't run on
FreeBSD, encfs has security vulnerabilities, and s3ql doesn't support
SFTP (and its workaround to use a mounted sshfs doesn't really work).

I have some very cheap SFTP storage available and would like to use it
as backup for data that I don't frequently use e.g., old photos from
years ago, movies that I shot etc.

The great advantage of duplicity over all the other solutions around is
that it saves the data in small chunks and uses gpg for encryption.
Everything simple and straightforward, that is why I like it. So I
thought I could use it for cloud storage.

The problem I face is that I do not know how to list all the files that
are stored on a backup location created with duplicity, especially not
those that are deleted. There is `duplicity list-current-files` but, as
the options states, it only lists the current files and not the deleted

Is there some way to list all the files of each of the volumes created?
I found a script that might help to achieve what I am looking for but it
seems old [1]. And probably someone else has a better solution?

It think it would be great if there where the possibility to list all
the directories and files of a duplicity backup directory in a `ls`
manner, like:

dir3/file3 (time: 19-12-2016 13:53)

and so on and so forth. This way the user could just continuously add
more and more directories and files to the backup dir and restore
selected once when needed at some later time.

Some time ago I read about the idea to create a fuse filesystem that
lets the user mount a duplicity backup and restore files from the
fusefs. That sounds very interesting and might help with what I would
like to accomplish. Is there any news on this?

[1]: http://askubuntu.com/a/486458/441510

Thanks a lot for your help and suggestions,


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