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[Duplicity-talk] Four questions, splitting sigtar files, resuming upload

From: Duplicity Mailing List
Subject: [Duplicity-talk] Four questions, splitting sigtar files, resuming uploads after failures, splitting files into directories and asynchronous-upload.
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2014 22:10:12 +0000
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Sorry for the large amount of questions, but, here goes:-

1. I just spent a day uploading ~60GB worth of files to Dropbox,
unfortunately, once it was all finished, and it was uploading the
sigtar, it failed. One assumes because the sigtar are so large that
Dropbox dropped them (HTTP error code 413 - "Request entity too large"),
the sigtar ended up being ~ 700MB. My question is, is there anyway to
tell Duplicity to split the sigtar up into 25MB chunks like it does with
the actual data archives? I see* that Kenneth said he's working on it
for 0.7, is it in the 0.7 release yet (I'm on 0.6.25, can't check, would
rather avoid upgrading to an unstable release if at all possible).

2. Since the above upload failed, how would I go about manually resuming
it (Since I obviously can't use Duplicity). I have
do I just manually upload that? Or would Duplicity be doing something else?

3. Some Cloud services, like Dropbox**, have a maximum number of files
per directory (Either for listing, or for actually storing, in Dropbox's
case, for listing). Is there anyway to get duplicity to split files into
directories to prevent reaching this limit?

4. What's the reason that `--asynchronous-upload` is marked
experimental? It seems like a useful feature for my Laptop (Which has a
terrible CPU, and around half the upload time is spent
encrypting/compressing), but, I'm a little weary of using it since it is
marked as experimental.

Thanks, sorry for the large amount of questions.


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