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Re: [Duplicity-talk] Behaviour upon 'Full' backup after incrementals

From: Eric O'Connor
Subject: Re: [Duplicity-talk] Behaviour upon 'Full' backup after incrementals
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2014 03:03:24 -0400
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This is called incremental refactoring, and duplicity doesn't do it.

If it were to add this feature, it would also have to drop support for
"dumb" backends, like SFTP or S3, that can only upload/download/delete
files. This is because refactoring like you're talking about requires
the backup tool to run code on the server, to modify the backup files

What I do to get around this is to use raw rsync to push changed files
up to a server every 2 hours, and then run duplicity to backup the
snapshot into S3 (you could backup locally if you like). This way I can
get short incremental chains without ever having to run a long full
backup directly off my laptop.

You could also look into rdiff-backup.


On 08/30/2014 11:37 PM, Brant Winter wrote:
Can someone please help clarify this ? If I have seeded a massive
(100GB) full backup over SFTP remotely and have then done daily
incremental backups for a week. If I chose to do another ‘full’
backup will Duplicity have to seed the massive initial backup again,
 or will it roll up the original full backup and incremental on the
remote side, add in the latest deltas and call it a new full backup
without having to seed the whole thing across SFTP again ? I have
approx 100GB to have backed up offsite and just trying to work out if
Duplicity will do what I need ? Thanks in advance.

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