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[Duplicity-talk] duplicity backup problem "ETA Stalled!"

From: sirmacik
Subject: [Duplicity-talk] duplicity backup problem "ETA Stalled!"
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2014 16:01:13 +0100
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Hi there!

I've got a bit of a problem here using duplicity. I'm trying to backup
directory ~/Mail which consists of 3 maildirs (about 90 000 messages - 17G) 
+ git repo which is a versioning of those in case of any fuckup by
offlineimap (and those sometimes happen). Duplicity starts its work and
nothing happens. I've added --progress option and this is what I get:

> duplicity --progress --encrypt-key=DBAB60F2 --sign-key=DBAB60F2 ~/Mail/ 
> sftp://address@hidden//home/sirmacik/Mail_bak 
Local and Remote metadata are synchronized, no sync needed.
Warning, found incomplete backup sets, probably left from aborted session
Last full backup date: none
GnuPG passphrase: 
GnuPG passphrase for signing key: 
Nie odnaleziono sygnatur, zmiana na pełną kopię zapasową.
0.0KB 00:00:03 [0.0KB/s] [>                                        ] 0% ETA 3sec
0.0KB 00:00:06 [0.0KB/s] [>                                        ] 0% ETA 6sec
0.0KB 00:00:09 [0.0B/s] [>                                        ] 0% ETA 
0.0KB 00:00:12 [0.0B/s] [>                                        ] 0% ETA 
0.0KB 00:00:15 [0.0B/s] [>                                        ] 0% ETA 
0.0KB 00:00:18 [0.0B/s] [>                                        ] 0% ETA 
0.0KB 00:00:21 [0.0B/s] [>                                        ] 0% ETA 
^Csftp put of /tmp/duplicity-y5GaLz-tempdir/mktemp-cY64Cf-2 (as 
duplicity-full.20140214T145706Z.vol1.difftar.gpg) failed: Server connection 
dropped:  (Try 1 of 5) Will retry in 10 seconds.
0.0KB 00:00:24 [0.0B/s] [>                                        ] 0% ETA 

Am I doing something wrong or duplicity has a problem with such a large
group of files? 

Thanks in advance for your time!
Stay well

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