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[Duplicity-talk] FW: Re: addonly mode?

From: Avery Andrews
Subject: [Duplicity-talk] FW: Re: addonly mode?
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2010 15:48:44 +1000

Ken Loafman wrote:

>Avery Andrews wrote:
>> I use a backup regime (based on svn) whereby, if things are working 
>> correctly, files should only be added, never changed, when duplicity 
>> plays its role.  So it would be excellent for if there were an 
>> --addonly switch that would halt the script if it thought it had to 
>> change rather than add any files when sending to the backup server.
>> Is there such a thing that I've somehow missed?  Writing a script to 
>> do a dry run first and checking for changes would work, but seems a
bit clumsy.
>Duplicity, and probably most backup system, do not change the contents 
>of the remote archive.  They merely add to the archive as needed.  I'm
confused by your >question.

I didn't express myself very clearly.  The idea is that, even though
duplicity won't overwrite a good backup file with a bad one, it might
still be useful, under certain circumstances, to know that it was adding
a new version of an existing file, rather than an additional file.  In
my backup scheme, for example, if it thinks it's adding a new version of
the file, something has gone wrong, and it would be better to know
sooner via an exit-with-failure message, than later.

  - Avery

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