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Re: [Duplicity-talk] hardlinks ?

From: Colin Ryan
Subject: Re: [Duplicity-talk] hardlinks ?
Date: Mon, 02 Feb 2009 17:00:19 -0500
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Depends what your goal is.

Duplicity does not currently support hard links so if your looking to use it as a mechanism to backup the backuppc store then that's no good. However you might (depending on the structure of backuppc's store) choose to use duplicity against only a particular backup. I do this with rdiff-backup.

rdiff backup I use to take efficient archival backups of my source. Then I use duplicity to take daily backups of yesterdays rotation. In this case it it is convenient that hard links are ignored because duplicity sees the particular snapshot directory as fully populated, but because they are inode level links it can in turn do it's own differentials against the snapshot. So duplicity increments only against files that changed since the last rotation even though the rdiff-backup rotated the snapshots under the hood...follow? The result is that my rdiff-backups are my archival backup but with duplicity I have reasonably efficient but encrypted off-site backup of yesterdays rotation as a Disaster Recover. Keep in mind that the result makes the off-site not a archival backup but as I said simply a current view of the most recent local rotation without having to do full's every day.

Seems to work.

karl wrote:
I have a question about hardlinks.

I currently administer several boxes that use backuppc. Originally the boxes used rsync over ssh to keep a remote offsite backup of the data.

When I ran accross duplicity, it looked like the perfect solution to use in conjuction with backuppc.

I have come accross the following problem. Backuppc's incremental backup is actually a full backup that consists of hardlinks to the original full backup. So when I run duplicity against backuppc's backups the size is many times the size of the original backup.

The question I have is...

Should I look for a way to get Duplicity to recognize hard links


should I ditch backuppc and look for another alternative which does not incorporate hardlinks?

If anyone else is using duplicity with another backup solution, I would be most interested. I may just have to develop my own script to run duplicity on the smb shares which need to be backed up.


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