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Re: [Duplicity-talk] FTP error

From: Kenneth Loafman
Subject: Re: [Duplicity-talk] FTP error
Date: Tue, 08 Jul 2008 06:47:03 -0500
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Adam Dixon wrote:
> <snip>
> Cmd: CLNT NcFTPPut 3.2.1 linux-x86_64-glibc2.7
> 500: CLNT not understood
> Cmd: PWD
> 257: "/" is current directory.
> Cmd: CWD backup/t
> 250: CWD command successful
> Cmd: CWD /
> 550: /: Permission denied
> Cmd: QUIT
> 221: Goodbye.
> Why does it change to the target dir, then attempt to change to /
> This is connecting to my lacie network storage which is ProFTPD 1.3.
> Anyone know what this is? Am I doing something wrong?
> I am running;
> FTP_PASSWORD=blahblah duplicity /tmp/t ftp://address@hidden/backup/t

NcFTPPut does the same thing on my system and does not cause a problem,
going to ProFTPD 1.3 on a Linux server. You need to make sure the backup
user has read/execute permissions on the '/' directory, or set backup as
the home directory of the user backup and change the command line

The issue is with the NcFTP tools, not duplicity itself.  If you set up
as described above, you should not have any problems with either.


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