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[Duplicity-talk] Re: help with --include and --exclude

From: Brian King
Subject: [Duplicity-talk] Re: help with --include and --exclude
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2006 13:17:28 +0100

Well, I've figured out what the problem was.  As noted elsewhere,
duplicity will not backup top-level symbolic links

On freebsd, /home is a symlink for /usr/home.  so I needed to change
the command to be:

root# duplicity  --include '/usr/home/*/bin' --include
'/usr/home/backup'  --include '/usr/home/bk/projects'  --include
'/usr/home/*/.mozilla/firefox/*/bookmarks.html' --include
'/usr/local/etc' --exclude '**' / file:///tmp/testbackup

and it worked fine.

It would be better imho if duplicity echoed a warning to stdout when
top-level symbolic links are being ignored.  Even when running
duplicity with "--verbosity 9", there was no indication that these
symlinked /home/* directories were being ignored.  It was not
immediately obvious what the problem was, and it took me quite a while
to figure it out.


On 10/25/06, Brian King <address@hidden> wrote:

I've been trying out duplicity, but I don't seem to completely
understand the --include and --exclude directives.

What I want to do is backup up only a subset of files and directories.

If I use the command:
root# duplicity  --include '/home/*/bin' --include '/home/backup'
--include '/home/bk/projects'  --include
'/home/*/.mozilla/firefox/*/bookmarks.html' --include '/usr/local/etc'
--exclude '**' / file:///tmp/testbackup

and then look at what got backed up using:
root# duplicity --list-current-files file:///tmp/testbackup

then I see that /usr/local/etc and everything beneath that got backed
up, but none of the other directories/files that I specified to
include got backed up.

Why?  Am I missing something obvious?

Environment info:
duplicity 0.4.2
freebsd 6.1 release

Thanks for any help,

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