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[Duplicity-talk] Gmail backend

From: Mathias Wagner
Subject: [Duplicity-talk] Gmail backend
Date: Fri, 5 May 2006 08:20:23 +0200
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since Gmail offers currently 2.7 GB free storage and duplicity encrypts the 
backups I tried to write a backend to write backups to a Gmail account.

I did some basic testing and it seems to work.

I used the syntax


For the password I used FTP_PASSWORD (taken from the ftp backend).

I attached the code (it still requires some testing) in the file 

I also modified backends.py to include the gmail protocol

# Dictionary relating protocol strings to backend_object classes.
protocol_class_dict = {"scp": scpBackend,
                                           "ssh": scpBackend,
                                           "file": LocalBackend,
                                           "ftp": ftpBackend,
                                           "rsync": rsyncBackend,
                                           "gmail": gmailBackend

and added 

import sys,shutil

at the beginning of backends.py.

The code requires libgmail (I only tested 0.1.4) from


In the file libgmail.py I modified in line 1223 (class 
_LabelHandlerMixin(object):) the function addLabel (the line with hasattr)

    def addLabel(self, labelName):
        # Note: It appears this also automatically creates new labels.
        result = self._account._doThreadAction(U_ADDCATEGORY_ACTION+labelName,
        if not hasattr(self,"_labels"):
        # TODO: Caching this seems a little dangerous; suppress duplicates 
        return result

The original code caused errors on my system even with the examples from the 
libgmail documentation (gcp.py)

Maybe someone can test the code and after this it can be integrated in 

I also want to suggest to use bzip2 compression but I will suggest this in a 
different posting.


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