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[Duplicity-talk] a quick suggestion and a question

From: ry4an-duplicity
Subject: [Duplicity-talk] a quick suggestion and a question
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2002 00:54:06 -0600
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I love the whole idea of duplicity.  One thing that threw me for a bit a
loop which I think should be included in the document is that the scp:
backend paths are relative to the user's home directory.  For example:


send to ~ry4an/mnt/backup/toohey on roark, and in order to get something
rooted at the root I have to use the fairly non-intuitive syntax:


Have you considered going with the scp standard and using:


The two colons in there still yeilds a perfectly valid URN given the
RFC2141 URN definitions.

That said, I'm wondering what solutions people have used for storing
their password in backup scripts.  I want to set up a cron job to run my
nightly backups, but I don't want to just put the password in the
script.  What's everyone else doing?

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