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Re: [Duplicity-talk] Re: Testing duplicity 0.2.0

From: Peter Ehrenberg
Subject: Re: [Duplicity-talk] Re: Testing duplicity 0.2.0
Date: 15 Nov 2002 12:01:40 +0100
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I wrote:

> [...] 
>   PE> I want to put more than one input directory on the argument
>   PE> list. Instead of excluding a lot of files, I like it more
>   PE> explicit and say what to back up:
>   PE> 
>   PE>    duplicity /d05 /d06 /d07 /d08 --exclude-other-filesystems scp://...

Ben Escoto <address@hidden> writes:

> Are /d05, /d06, etc. on other filesystems?  [...] 

Unfortunately they are.

> Maybe the proposed --exclude-different-device-from would fix your
> problem.  [...] 

What speaks against my suggestion to allow more than one source

>   PE> I want any help to cleanup the backup disk. [...] 
> What files do you find yourself having to delete? Is it only after a
> failed/aborted session?

Not only. If I run out of disk space on the backup volume, I have to
remove old files. In this case I will remove the oldest full dump
including all dependent incrementals as log as I get enough free disk
space back.

> What's supposed to happen is everytime duplicity is run, it checks the
> archive to make sure all the files are there.  If there are extra or
> missing files, it should complain.  After the session is over, just
> the necessary files should be left.

OK. Than I have to tell duplicity the period of backup I will to keep,
right? Assume I run daily backups. Every month I run a full dump on
the 1st and incrementals on the following days until next month. I
will keep 4 weeks back up. So every "incremental day" I have to delete
an (more than 4 weeks) old incremental but hold both full dumps ---
the last and the last before. On the 1st I have to delete the last
before full dump.

Is this to complicated? What may by a useful but simpler backup
scheme? What schedule do you use?

A better scheme may be: "Hold at least given period of time back up
but leave as much backup as possible and don't use more than given
disk space."

Both, the maximal disk space to use and the minimal backup period can
given duplicity on the command line. If duplicity can't meet both
constraints it ends up with an error -- or we can priorize the
constraints, so duplicity is allowed to violate either the disk space
or the backup period constraint.

What do you think?

Gruß PE
Dipl.-Ing. Peter Ehrenberg                         Tel.: (040) 756604-40
Rotenhäuser Straße 51                               Fax: (040) 756604-41
21109 Hamburg                                   Netz: http://www.dipe.de
Germany                                                mailto:address@hidden

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