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[Dragora-bug] Changes in the website

From: Matias A. Fonzo
Subject: [Dragora-bug] Changes in the website
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2013 19:49:53 -0300


Here a list with a few changes on the current website:

- "Dragora GNU/Linux" was renamed to "Dragora GNU/Linux-Libre"
  The libre suffix is a good idea to give us to understand our respect
  and taste for freedom. Even to differentiate ourselves from those
  projects containing "GNU/Linux" in its name when this projects are
  not exactly pointing to freedom. (Of course, we need to apply this
  change in other sites, too). Thanks to all for the feedback!

- A simple banner in the footer was added pointing to Ohloh.net.
  This site provides some statistics for free software projects, this
  can be useful to follow the new development and to promote Dragora.
  Thanks to herco.

- A new mirror was included courtesy of the Ceata Foundation.
  Thanks to Tiberiu C. Turbureanu.

Feel free to send comments, ideas, and suggestions to improve the

Best regards,

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