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Re: gnustep-base tests

From: Eric Heintzmann
Subject: Re: gnustep-base tests
Date: Tue, 10 May 2016 17:29:21 +0200
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Le 10/05/2016 11:37, Richard Frith-Macdonald a ├ęcrit :
On 9 May 2016, at 19:57, Riccardo Mottola <address@hidden> wrote:

Riccardo, for unknown reason I didn't receive your mail !?

I build these packets in debian unstable under Vitualbox (amd64)

./configure \
        --with-layout=fhs-system \
        --enable-native-objc-exceptions \
Native exceptions are enabled by default, so -enable-native-objc-exceptions is 
not needed (but harmless)

OK, thanks


why do you need to disable v2 strict mode? Which packages fail? few to none 
In case I think upstream packages have been updated and we can backport the 
Definitely.  From the latest release notes:

    The '-enable-strict-v2-mode' option is now, after eight years, turned
on by default (in anticipation of finally removing backward
compatibility with version one).  WARNING; Packagers please ensure that
you update any old gnustep-make version one makefiles.

So -disable-strict-v2-mode is only for building/installing ancient software, 
and will cease to be an option.

Well this is a temporary settings:
I need to test how many gnustep related packages will Fail To Build From Source (RC bug in debian) before choosing to enable or disable strict v2 mode. I will investigate after packaging core packages.

        # Override the test for libkvm to ensure that /proc is used on
        # GNU/kFreeBSD even if libkvm-dev is installed (#593898).
    ./configure \
        ac_cv_lib_kvm_kvm_getenvv=no \
        --enable-libffi \
        --disable-openssl \
disable-bfd ? disable-openssl? I never needed those options, don't even know 
what the first does.
Also, enable-libffi should not be needed: if it is present it gets used by 
default. On contrary, if ffcall is preferred (on some rare platforms) you need 
to explicit it.
These options have been set by the previous maintainer. Don't know why (except for ac_cv_lib_kvm_getenv=no). I leave them untouched for now.
If you have recommendations, please don't hesitate.

Yes, those options are the default settings, so should have no effect (but are 

I would encourage the use of --enable-bfd on development systems (it gives 
improved stacktraces for diagnostics), but it should be disabled (the default) 
by packagers, since it alters the license of the gnustep-base library (and 
things linked with it).

OK, thanks


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