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Re: Possible future Gorm name change

From: Richard Fillion
Subject: Re: Possible future Gorm name change
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2005 19:36:12 -0600

Nice story, much respect to anyone who knows shit like that.

Unfortunately this is EXACTLY what's wrong with Gorm (or is it GORM cause it's an acronym?) as a name. "Bluetooth" _is_ a cool name. Why? Cause it's just a technology, and like ports on the back of computers, it needs a name to distinguish it from other technologies. It's catchy, and there are only a few big computer technologies for users to remember. Bluetooth, Firewire, DVI, USB, etc..

Saying "Gorm is fine cause Bluetooth has been successful as a name" or even "GIMP" like was previously mentioned isn't doing yourselves a favor.

GNUstep is _really_ freaking cool (I'm neutral about the name, I mean the project). You guys are in denial of two things though : A) Looks matter, and B) Names matter. I'm not even going to go into A) as it's been argued to death. Lets just look at names here.

ProjectCenter : Beautiful name, gives you an idea of what this is. You're managing some type of project with it.

Gorm, or should I say GNUstep Object Relationship Modeler. I know that acronyms are big in FOSS land, but honestly, this is an abortion. "GIMP" at least sounds funny. A gorm, wtf is a gorm? Sure it does more than building interfaces, but its main purpose, what makes people want to begin using it, is designing GUIs for GNUstep applications. Heck even "Relation Modeler" would be a step up if you ask me. Interface Creator, anything really would be better than Gorm.

Next up: *switches keyboard languages* Étoilé. I'm french, and that may technically be a word, but somehow I doubt that the people who this is aimed towards are all french. How is this pronounced in english?

I'm pretty hard on the #gnustep people about both looks and names. There's a reason for this. I hold you guys to a higher standard than I do GNOME and KDE stuff. Why? Cause there's already an amazingly slick OpenStep implementation out there : Cocoa. To me, GNUstep isn't competing with GNOME and KDE, but with OS X. Being open source only buys you so much credit. The rest you have to earn legitimately.

I'm gonna get roasted both on the ML and #gnustep, but that's fine. It needed to be said, and since this thread started the day after I got chewed out for saying "Steve Jobs would shoot himself in the face before supporting an app with a name like Gorm", I feel somewhat responsible.

Richard Fillion

On Nov 17, 2005, at 8:05 PM, Ingolf Jandt wrote:

I have not read any of the mentioned slashdot comments. But I cannot see any reason to criticize the name. As far as I know Gorm den Gamle was the father of Harald Blaatand, the king who united Denmark and annexed Norway, and much later
gave name to the o-so-cool bluetooth technology.
Is that silly?
I would call Gorm an honourable name.


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