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From: ian . mondragon
Subject: BSDConfig
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2000 14:58:14 -0500

All -

  I have been working intensely on a suite of tools that I am *currently*
calling BSDConfig (due to some FreeBSD specific components...there's a small
blurb about it on http://www.dragonhelix.org).  What it is/will be is a
collection of configuration utilities that resemble NeXT Application
"Preferences" tools and are geared at configuring different aspects of your
system via the GNUstepDefaults database (for "User" applications) and
standard configuration files (mostly for "Admin" applications & system
configuration).  At this point, I have been carefully laying out protocols &
basic classes, leaving the GUI for later.  The class controlling terminal
appearance & behavior (the initial piece), based on aterm (which seems to
have the most reasonable combination of robust features and acceptable
memory usage :-), is nearing completion and is laying the foundation for the
other components, which at this point are comprised of the following (each
at various levels of completion):

        --- User ---
        - TermConfig     [aterm configuration]
        - EnvConfig      [currently ksh based - generates .kshrc & .profile]
        - VIMConfig      [generates .vimrc]
        - MuttConfig     [generates .muttrc]

        --- Admin ---
        -UserConfig      [FreeBSD specific?  That's all I use, so I donno -
utilizes adduser & rmuser]
        -BootConfig      [will need system specific components - configure
startup options, currently FreeBSD specific]
        -SplashConfig    [FreeBSD specific - splash screen!  hehehe...]
        -PortsConfig     [FreeBSD specific - ports collection]
        -NetConfg*       [will need system specific components - encompases
several network setup utilities & files]
        -PrintConfig     [printer configuration]
        -SecureConfig* [will need system specific components - encompasses
several system security utilities & files]
        *Huge.  Comprised of smaller components.

  So my questions to the GNUstep community at large are:

        1) Most importantly, have any of these, in whole or in part, been
done already?  I'm not big on reinventing
            the wheel...<grin>
        2) Is there anything that should be in here that I overlooked?
[NOTE:  I don't use Emacs.  No EmacsConfig for

Thanks for your time.


Ian Mondragon
Technology System Engineer
Bank of America [Chicago]       address@hidden


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