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Updated status: Bug in argument handler?

From: Georgios Rizell Dimitroglou
Subject: Updated status: Bug in argument handler?
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2000 21:05:25 +0200

I must tell you that I've noticed that there actually are two versions of the 
gpbs application and I've only got problems with one of them. The one in 
gui/Tools is the runnable and the one in xgps/Tools am I unable to use (that's 
the one that always complains about an argument it cannot understand)

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From: Georgios Rizell Dimitroglou 
To: address@hidden 
Sent: Wednesday, October 04, 2000 9:08 PM
Subject: Bug in argument handler?

I had a look at the latest CVS today. The error I told you about some week ago 
still remained, so I checked out what was going wrong (after all, the font 
cacher did produce a file called 'cache' wich looked correct). After research I 
found out that the font cache really was supposed to make it's inside a 
_directory_ called 'cache'. Ah, well, you ought to know the rest.. :-)

Anyway, here's what happens

from font_cacher.m:

  if ([args count] > 0)
      file_name = [args lastObject];
      display_name = [file_name cString];
on my system, 'args' contains 3 entries, the first is the path to the font_cach 
app, the second is the argument (passed from XGFontManager.m. in my case, 
":0.0") and the last entry is just empty. This results in a messed up directory 
structure since font_cacher grabs the last entry instead of the correct one.

One more thing. When you compile and install GNUstep from scratch gpbs isn't 
working correctly, it's complaining about getting a faulty argument (which in 
this case actually is an empty string). The odd thing is that when I re-compile 
the gpbs app (this time with the GNUstep system already installed) everything 

Hope it will be to any help,


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