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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] binary installer gnuradio-2.5cvs.win32.exe for wi

From: Martin Dvh
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] binary installer gnuradio-2.5cvs.win32.exe for windows
Date: Tue, 09 Aug 2005 16:39:51 +0200
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mjam01 wrote:
Hi guys,

Any updates to the mingw usrp gnuradio binary installation files to
allow for the examples to work with the usrp on windows? Stephane
mentioned previously that gnuradio-core/usrp/gr-usrp needs to be
updated in the installer.
Haven't made a new binary installer yet.
I am trying to cleanup the installer (separate libusb files from usrp files) 
and currently it is broken (usrp dlls are not copied anywhere).
It will be there soon.

If not, how can i go about doing it manually?
I dumped all latest versions of gnuradio related files in

Remove all *.pyo and *.pyc files (or all files) in your site-packages/gnuradio 
dir and copy the files in
sitepackages_latest_bin.zip over them

copy the files in msys_1.0_local_share_usrp.zip to somewhere on your filesystem
set environment variable USRP_PATH to this directory (it will also find it if 
you have the files in your mingw /usr/local/share/usrp directory)
(use forward slashed, for example c:/usrp)

copy the files in msys_1.0_local_bin.zip to somewhere on your path. (I don't remember if I already put this files somewhere in the site-packages dir)

get latest cvs version of usrp, gr-usrp and gnuradio-core.
build and install them with mingw
see http://comsec.com/wiki?MinGW

(I am not sure if all latest versions are checked in yet, must check as soon as 
I reboot into windows)


many thanks,


On 28/07/05, Stephane Fillod <address@hidden> wrote:

Hi Mike,

Selon mjam01 <address@hidden>:

thanks eric, that solved that bit... now here's the next one. i've
tried running various sample codes and this error happens everytime.



   src = usrp.source_c (0, decim, 1, gru.hexint(0xf0f0f0f2), 0)
 File "C:\Python24\lib\site-packages\gnuradio\usrp.py", line 86, in source_c
   return ((usrp0.source_c,
usrp1.source_c)[look_for_usrp(which)])(which, *args, **kwargs)
 File "C:\Python24\lib\site-packages\gnuradio\usrp1.py", line 1263, in
   return _usrp1.source_c(*args)
RuntimeError: std::runtime_error

Are you using the snapshot from Martin?
This binary installer needs an update (gnuradio-core/usrp/gr-usrp)
to work with the examples. If thing goes well, we might generate
a new one soon..


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