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Re: PATCH: relpath

From: Sami Kerola
Subject: Re: PATCH: relpath
Date: Fri, 2 Dec 2011 13:52:50 +0100

2011/12/2 Pádraig Brady <address@hidden>:
> On 12/02/2011 09:30 AM, Voelker, Bernhard wrote:
>> Pádraig Brady wrote:
>>> On 12/02/2011 01:21 AM, Guillaume Kielwasser wrote:
>>>> and what about something like:
>>>> getpath -C|--canon        // simulate realpath
>>>> getpath -R|--relative     // simulate relpath
>>>> getpath -L|--link         // simulate readlink
>>> A good suggestion, thanks.
>>> It's the right level of functionality to provide at the shell level.
>> +1 from me.
> Jim's point about 'path' ambiguity is valid.
> I guess using 'getpathname' would address that.
> Also 'realpath' is a bit less ambiguous than 'getpath'
> in this regard I think.

How about maximizing the ambiguousness?

tao -c --canonicalize FILE
tao -r --relative FILE
tao -l --link FILE

With quick peek I where not able to find any existing command which
would have that name.

   Sami Kerola

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