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Re: [coreutils] RE: cp command performance

From: Pádraig Brady
Subject: Re: [coreutils] RE: cp command performance
Date: Fri, 24 Dec 2010 09:37:24 +0000
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Didn't anyone get my previous reply on this.
I'm wondering about my email server now.

Anyway in summary what I said was the
3 commands you presented would perform about the same.

Things to consider.

The deletion/truncation bit will proceed more quickly on some
file system types.

If both files are on the same disk, then cp will
do a lot of disk head seeking between the two during the copy.
Try to put the temporary file on a different disk if possible.

If that is not possible, then try to process/buffer
more at a time. dd may be useful for this, or the `pv`
command which will give you a progress bar as well
as buffer control.


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