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[Chicken-users] Chicken for Blub Programmers

From: Jack Trades
Subject: [Chicken-users] Chicken for Blub Programmers
Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2011 20:52:27 -0600

A while back I did a Chicken for Python programmers doc that I posted here.  For those of you that are interested I've done some more work on it recently.

It's now called the Pointless Programming Language Reference and features 1,875 solutions to 400 common programming tasks in 7 languages*.  It is editable by anyone in a sort of wiki format and all changes are saved to git version control (through this hack).

I'm working on an API to allow the PLR to be embedded in other projects/sites, so getting it integrated with the wiki should be trivial when that is complete.

If anyone has the time to check it out and make some edits, I would appreciate it very much.  I'm sure there are still some bugs that my own use cases don't catch.  If the current implementation is relatively stable I will be able to implement the remaining parts of the API pretty quickly, as most of it is already done.

View/Edit the Pointless Programming Language Reference
Style Guide and Notes
Implementation Details

Thanks for your time,
Jack Trades

* If you want to do a lot of editing I recommend spacing it out over the next week or two.  To this point the system and I have been exclusive, I'm not sure what she'll do when she starts seeing other people.

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