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[Chicken-users] Save the Gazette!

From: Alaric Snell-Pym
Subject: [Chicken-users] Save the Gazette!
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2011 09:30:49 +0000
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When a community agrees it'd be cool to do something on a regular basis,
to begin with, there's a lot of enthusiasm and volunteering, so things
go well.

However, a crucial point comes at which producing that thing starts to
become a chore, no matter how popular the product is. At this point, if
measures are not put into place to make it continue, it dies out.

The Gazette is reaching that point, and I want to save it.

I am happy to write editorial content such as recipes and mailing-list
summaries, as long as I have time (and it doesn't take me long, I'm
notoriously verbose in even the simplest of emails ;-), but I can't
(personally) stomach the tedious part: going through the svn and git
commit logs to find out what's happened, and then mapping git/svn
identities to real names and people's pages on the wiki.

So, I propose that you lot should automate it for me.

I want:

1) The users page on the wiki to, in parens or brackets or something,
after each person's name, list their various identities used in IRC /
svn usernames / etc. so they can be easily tallied together

2) A script that, when run in a local svn checkout, or maybe by talking
direct to SVN, lists all the eggs that have seen commits in a specified
time period (with the option of "right up to now" as the end of the time
period); and then lists the commit messages and revision numbers (for
deeper investigation, if required) for each. For extra points, make sure
that tagging a version of an egg is clearly indicated somehow (eg,
"TAGGED 1.5"). This should all be a relatively simple matter of parsing
the svn logs.

3) A script that, when run in a local git checkout, or maybe by talking
direct to the core git repo, lists all the commits in a specified time
period, grouped by branch.

4) All scripts should map usernames found in svn/git to displayed names
via a function that defaults to identity. Somebody else please write a
function to replace this, that looks in the wiki page and parses it to
map svn/git identities to Wiki markup for the user's user page with
their full name as the anchor text, that can be inserted into the above
scripts to make wonderful magic happen.

For bonus points, the output of scripts (2) and (3) could be actual
markup for putting straight into the gazette, say as a bulleted list,
just requiring editing to remove useless commits and to add editorial

Super special bonus point:

5) Write a script that, given a date range, parses the mailing list
archive into wiki markup for a list of links to the posts in the
archive, along with links to the user's pages as per (4), grouped by thread.

I think that the above are relatively bite-sized chunks that people who
want to see the Gazette continue should be able to manage between them;
if the above are done then, if needed, I'd be willing to pioneer alone
with running them each week (or every other week at worst) and writing
some content around them!

So, volunteers please :-)


Alaric Snell-Pym

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