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[Chicken-users] (CVS commit) Version 1, Build 33

From: felix
Subject: [Chicken-users] (CVS commit) Version 1, Build 33
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004 18:46:14 -0500

Fri Jan 30 00:49:51 2004

- runtime.c: printf format strings should generate any warnings [Thanks to Sven 
- easyffi.scm: added `transform' pseudo declaration [Suggested by Daniel Faken]
- eval.scm, csi.scm: renamed `read-eval-print-loop' to `repl'
- eval.scm: added parameter `repl-prompt' (defaults now to "#;> ", unless it 
turns out to be a bad idea)
- bumped version to 1.33

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