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Re: [Chicken-hackers] [PATCH 0/4] Some symbol and module-related patches

From: Peter Bex
Subject: Re: [Chicken-hackers] [PATCH 0/4] Some symbol and module-related patches
Date: Fri, 19 May 2017 16:30:20 +0200
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On Sat, May 13, 2017 at 07:55:44PM +1200, Evan Hanson wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Here are a few patches that deal with symbols and namespaces.

I've now applied the remainder of those patches.

> By way of example, the second uses this capability to refactor some
> internal helper procedures in extras.scm that are also used in
> srfi-4.scm.

I have added back aliases for ##sys#read-string[!]/port to avoid
bootstrapping issues: a CHICKEN that's compiled with an older CHICKEN
contains broken programs and libraries; try to use chicken-install, it
will bail out stating that ##sys#read-string/port isn't defined.

That's because the rewrite in c-platform.scm of read-string
to ##sys#read-string/port in the old CHICKEN will still be applied
when compiling the new CHICKEN.

I marked it as OBSOLETE, so we can easily find it, and drop it after
we have made the next snapshot.

Thanks for putting in the effort to rewrite all this stuff!


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