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[Bug-wget] Why does -A not work?

From: Nils Gerlach
Subject: [Bug-wget] Why does -A not work?
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2018 06:16:40 +0200

Hi there,

in #wget on freenode I was suggested to write this to you:
I tried using wget to get some images:
wget -nd -rH -Dcomicstriplibrary.org -A
"little-nemo*s.jpeg","*html*","*.html.*","*.tmp","*page*","*display*" -p -e
robots=off 'http://comicstriplibrary.org/search?search=little+nemo'
I wanted to download the images only but wget was not following any of the
links so I got that much more into -A. But it still does not follow the
Page numbers of the search result contain "page" in the link, links to the
big pictures i want wget to download contain "display". Both are given in
-A and are seen in the html-document wget gets. Neither is followed by wget.

Why does this not work at all? Website is public, anybody is free to test.
But this is not my website!


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