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Re: Script to generate ChangeLogs automatically

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Script to generate ChangeLogs automatically
Date: Mon, 03 Dec 2018 19:06:42 -0500

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  > In these discussions, we have been discussing two problems that are 
  > inverses of each other.

  > (1) Mapping from a commit to a list of the entities changed by that 
  > commit.

  > (2) Mapping from an entity to the commits that changed that entity.

They are related, but they are not exactly inverses.
Indeed, given (1) we can implement (2) pretty easily.

  > - and that given when doing (2) you're already looking at 
  > the entity you're interested in, a solution involving the exercise of 
  > judgment to decide what commands to use is fully sufficient.

That is true for most of the changes that are made in a program, but
that approach will get confused in some sitations -- for instance,
moving a function to a different place in the same or a different
source file.
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