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Re: Script to generate ChangeLogs automatically

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: Re: Script to generate ChangeLogs automatically
Date: Mon, 03 Dec 2018 14:50:14 -0500

   > anything.  E.g. GNU bash isn't even using VCS to this date (AFAIK)...

   FWIW, bash is a well known example of key software that's maintained in 
   the worst possible way, with emails for bug reporting and tracking and 
   some manual labour that depends on one person for release management. 
   I'll admit that it's a personal opinion but I haven't heard of a 
   contrary opinion to date.  Maybe you'll change that for me ;)

Then let me provide one such disenting opinion, since I cannot see how
it is the "worst possible way" -- this would imply that there is
absolutey nothing worse do.

Chet has maintained Bash for a very long time successfully, the setup
works for him.  As such, it cannot be the bottom worst but rather the
opposite.  In some ways I can think that maybe even the lack of VCS
might be a good thing here.

Jospeh mentioned that we should trust maintainers, so why not trust
that bash in this regard lacking a VCS?  And wouldn't it have been
nice if Bash now had ChangeLog entries? :-)

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