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Re: Script to generate ChangeLogs automatically

From: Siddhesh Poyarekar
Subject: Re: Script to generate ChangeLogs automatically
Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2018 12:18:46 +0530
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On 01/12/18 4:36 AM, Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:
Tried playing with this just a bit, and please don't get the wrong
idea with all the "it doesn't work complaints".  I think this is an
amazing attempt at automating ChangeLogs.

Thanks, I'm looking for "it doesn't work" kind of feedback because that allows me to improve the script.

But I'm a bit confundled, I tried this on one change in the glibc tree
(see below).  While it is true that _itoa.h was included, it isn't
really a function so it shouldn't be listed as such.

This one's pretty easy to fix. I suppose I was just being lazy because the script already knows that it's a header so it only needs to use that information to write a more sensible output.

The "Modified." comment seems to be redundant, since <_itoa.h> is
included it is by definition that elf/dl-exception.c was modified so
this should at least be "elf/dl-exception.c (_itoa.h): New.".

The "Modified" comment is for the source file as a whole. I'll try to make this a bit more readable.

I also tried running it on two recent commit on the Emacs tree, that
got it confunlded quite badly; and produced ~740 lines of output.
With some really weird results...  Maybe I ran it incorrectly?

It's more likely that the script is barfing; I'll check this out.

For the format, would it make sense to maybe change it to put the hash
in the header instead of a "COMMIT:" "thing"?  Maybe one could extend
the format a bit to suggest this if it makes good sense.

I'm open to suggestions on the format.

I suppose I also need to push the patch up to atleast a private branch in glibc so that people can check out and play with the latest version with fixes. I'll do that tonight.


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