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Bug in Parted 1.4.24

From: Степан Кузнецов
Subject: Bug in Parted 1.4.24
Date: Thu, 9 Jan 2003 13:22:39 +0300
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  Parted Bug Seekers!
I've found a bug in Parted 1.4.24 for you. When copying a FAT filesystem to
another partition, Parted prints the following assertion errors:
 Assertion (new_cluster_count + 2 <= ft->size) at table.c:92 in function
 fat_table_set_cluster_count() failed.
 Assertion (ft->cluster_count + 2 <= ft->size) at table.c:103 in function
 fat_table_count_stats() failed.
But nevertheless, Parted does the copying!

           Best regards,
                Steve L. Kuznetsov

Степан Кузнецов         * Steve L. Kuznetsov
ООО "Белый Медведь"     * Polar Bear Ltd.
+7 (095) 301-66-37              * address@hidden 
"Avoid the Gates of Hell. Use Linux :)"

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