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Re: partboot.img doesn't fit

From: Andrew Clausen
Subject: Re: partboot.img doesn't fit
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2003 20:28:18 +1100
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On Sat, Jan 04, 2003 at 05:46:05PM -0500, D Singh wrote:
>    The partboot.img file is 1,474,560 bytes long whereas a floppy can only
>    handle files sizes of up to 1,457,664 bytes! And therefore doesn't fit on
>    a floppy disk.

I don't know where you got your second figure from, but it's incorrect.
Floppy disks can store 1440 * 1024 bytes.

>    How do I create floppy based image of partboot.img?

cp partboot.img /dev/fd0


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