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Re: Chgat() Functions Erase Pad Characters

From: Grady Martin
Subject: Re: Chgat() Functions Erase Pad Characters
Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2017 20:28:58 -0500
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On 2017年01月08日 18時49分, Thomas Dickey wrote:
The data owned by the pad isn't shared with the standard screen (stdscr)

The manpage:

      A pad is like a window, except that it is not restricted by the  screen
      size,  and  is not necessarily associated with a particular part of the
      screen.  Pads can be used when a large window is  needed,  and  only  a
      part  of  the  window will be on the screen at one time.  Automatic re‐

The mvchgat updates the standard screen, and the wgetch causes a refresh
on the standard screen.

So the updates to the standard screen overwrite the pad.

Think of it as something like a newwin - making updates and refreshing
one window will overwrite other windows that it happens to overlap.

Thank you for the insight, especially on a Sunday.

I think my logical course of action is to store "pad" data as cchar_t arrays, 
outputting them with the add_wchstr() family.  (This is not text data; it is a scrollable 
grid of numbers.)

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